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New Members are always welcome to join our association! Join us today, start enjoying the lake, and help protect it's beauty for years to come.

General Membership

  • General membership allows members access to our two general membership beaches, one on each side of the lake
  • Price Per Year: $175

Beach Membership

  • Beach membership, in addition to the benefits of "General Membership," allow the member access to one of the Lake Association's private beaches for your exclusive personal use.

    Maintenance of this beach will be your responsibility, and modifications to the beach must be cleared by the Association. Please see the rules and regulations page for more details
  • To become a beach member, one must first be a "General member," in good standing, and a beach must be available. Beaches are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Price Per Year: $250

To request a membership please fill out the below form and mail it along with your membership dues to Lake Samoset Property Owners Association P.O. Box 901, Leominster MA 01453.

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about membership at


  1. Question: Where are the General Membership beaches?

    The Lake Association maintains two beaches for our General Membership.

    On Lakeview Dr. we have "Sandy Beach." The trail to get down to the beach is directly behind and to the left of the "Lake Samoset" sign. Sandy beach is a great place to swim, put in kayaks or canoes, or fish.

    On the Lakeshore Dr. there is a spot to put in kayaks or fish behind the Lake Samoset sign to the left of the dam. Please DO NOT go on area next to or on the dam. This area is posted no trespassing, due to risks of damage to persons or property. The area is monitored.

    If you have any questions, reach out to the board. We'll be more than happy to show you where they are.

  2. Question: I would like to become a beach member. What's the process for getting a beach?

    To become a beach member, one must first be a "General member," and a beach must be available. When filling our the membership form, please check the box that stating that you'd like a beach along with the $175 "General membership" fee, if you are not already a member. If you are, please submit the form again with the box checked so we can have it on file, but you do not need to repay the "General membership" fee. On receiving your application the board will review which beaches are available. If one is available and there is no waiting list the board will offer that beach and if you're interested, by paying the difference between "General" and "Beach" membership ($75) you are now a "Beach member" with your own beach. If you're not interested in that beach in particular, no problem, you'll retain your place on the waiting list and will be notified the next time a beach becomes available. If, however, no beaches are available you'll be placed on the waiting list. When a beach becomes available the board will notify members on the waiting list in order, based on how long they've been on the waiting list, that a beach is available to see if they're interested in upgrading to beach membership for that particular beach.

  3. Question: I just bought a house, does the beach in front of my house become my private beach?

    The beaches on association land are association property and are not transferred with the purchase of your home as they are not the property of the homeowner. However, the Lake Association understands the desire to have access to a beach in front of your property. Please, immediately, upon the closing of your property, get in touch with the board.

  4. Question: I have a friend who has a beach, do I need to be a member?

    If you and the friend both live on the lake and would like to share the beach please contact the board.

    If you don't live on the lake and only visit occasionally it is in the bylaws of the association that at least one person utilizing the beach must be a member. If you use the beach without them present, you too must be a "General member" and have their permission, or have them present while you're using their beach.

  5. Question: When are yearly fees due?

    The Lake Association every year holds a meeting for the our members and board each year, often in June. Membership fees are due on or before that meeting.

  6. Question: Is the Lake Association a Homeowners Association?

    The Lake Association is not a Homeowners Association. The Lake Association owns the lands laid out in parcel 477-1A and collects membership fees for access to that land. The Lake Association also helps manage, but does not own, the lake pursuit to DEP numbers 199-414 and 199-1009 in collaboration with the Leominster Conservation Commission.